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TopMavens' mission is to establish transparency and fair rates as a common practice in the world of independent contracting by expanding access to information, and creating a community of independent contractors, clients, vendors, and professional organizations that share our mission. Together we will change the industry.

example imageIn the heart of Silicon Valley the epicenter of high tech firms, hundreds of contingent workers are hired every day. Companies augment their staff for a variety of reasons ranging from project based to executive consulting. People are hired as temporary workers, contractors, and consultants, but all individuals who work for publicly traded companies must work through staffing agencies. According to the Harvard Business Review, in the U.S., this demographic of labor is predicted to grow by 25% over the next two years. Successful companies invest in their employees’ careers and contractors want that same opportunity. They need training, resources, and access to relevant information that they can use to make insightful, informed decisions. Most of all, we want stability, transparency and to be treated fairly. Unfortunately that’s not always the case.

At TopMavens we had an opportunity to create another typical staffing agency but instead we decided that disrupting the industry was more important. TopMavens provides a rich set of resources to the network of individual contractors, vendors, clients, and professional organizations that make up our community. We operate under a model of transparency and trust, this is a complete disruption of the current staffing models in place at most companies. TopMavens was created to improve the lives of every contractor. TopMavens mobilizes companies, agencies, professional organization and the community of contingent workers who support our mission.

Please join us and together we can change the industry for permanent good.

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Michael Schneider

CEO TopMavens
+1 408 890-6144

In my personal life I have always believed in the power of diversity, bringing people together, and the strength in doing what’s right. I started working in the consulting industry in 1997. I’ve consulted at one of the Big 5, started agencies, and have worked as an independent consultant.

I created TopMavens because I see a huge opportunity to disrupt the contingent placement industry by providing more access to information, and most of all, develop a symbiotic, fair, and transparent network. The TopMavens team is committed to upholding our principles and honoring our mission while we work with the industry to improve the industry.

The contingent workforce is an enormous segment of the labor market and it is expected to expand by 25% by 2015, this makes TopMavens’ mission more important than ever. Disrupting the industry is an enormous undertaking, we need all parties and everyone’s help to succeed. Let’s talk about how we can work together.

Ken Chan

Business Development
+1 408 890-6144

I decided to become a management consultant in 2001 after serving many years at several top investment banks. During my tenure at JP Morgan I managed their banking systems, which included the deployment of JP Morgan’s Internet and Intranet. I further developed my skills in managing online systems with responsibility at Merrill Lynch directing their online banking document library.

During my banking days I was exposed to the consulting industry and the dynamic environment the consultants worked in. This led to my entry into the contingent work force. Today I strive to raise awareness in the industry and focus on the need for change. I look for fairness and transparency in clients, vendors, professional organizations, and fellow contractors. Contact me, let’s talk about your experience.

Lisa Jimenez

+1 408 890-6144

Just out of college, I was given the opportunity to work on the bleeding edge of technology and I’ve never looked back. I’ve worked with the best and the brightest on the planet and have been lucky enough to have been schooled in both technology and business which has always given me a unique view of the world. One thing that was always missing in my professional life, but has always been prevalent in my personal life, is working with people; inspiring them, connecting them, and helping them in any way I can.

When my life brought me to this team, again, I was working with some of the brightest but also some of the most compassionate humans alive. Their vision matched mine an just like that, I was off on a new path, one that aligned with everything I care about.

I've spent 25 years as a marketing director and consultant but today I’m an entrepreneur. My goal: To change the world. I’m starting with the contingent placement industry. I want to help everyone I come in contact with to achieve the best possible outcome. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone got a fair and mutually beneficial agreement?

Call me and let me know how I can help.

Don Hart

+1 408 890-6144

One of my most vivid memories as a child was at Delavega Elementary School… I'm staring out the window of my classroom at the playground as the younger kids are at lunch recess. I’m watching them play and thinking why don’t we get to play right now? I stare at a girl who is hanging upside down from the monkey bars. Her long brown hair almost touches the ground. I count the number of kids in the handball line, someone yells “NO FRIENDSIES!” I see a yard duty scolding someone. I watch a group of boys shooting marbles. Then I hear Mrs. Domingez say, “Pencils down, turn your test over.” Boom! I am snapped back to reality. I had spent the entire test hour imagining myself in the place that I wanted to be instead of the place that I was. My name is Don Hart and I grew up in Santa Cruz California surfing, skate boarding, riding bikes, and generally trying to avoid going to school.

I worked in the hospitality industry; busing, waiting, and bartending for 15 years before making the leap to technology. Today I am an entrepreneur and one of the founders of TopMavens. Learning is one of the most critical factors to my success. So what happened? Let's connect, I would love to hear your story.

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