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Building Contracting Experience

2013 Michael Schneider Contracting , Independence

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Year after year, millions of Americans have proved that Independent contracting is a viable long-term career path. Major corporations in almost every industry depend on independent contractors for growth, competitiveness, and sustainability. The department of labor estimated that 10.3 million Americans were independent contractors in 2010.

Staffing Industry Analysts describe independent contractors as the survival of the fittest.Independent contractors are indeed the strongest minded, willed, and skilled of the U.S. work force. These are people who have ventured out of the traditional employment comfort zone and into the exciting world of independent contracting. Who are these people? They are engineers, IT professionals, software developers, management consultants, health care professionals, finance and accounting professionals, marketing pros, web designers, and other contracted skilled professionals.

How do you know if independent contracting is right for you? A quick internet search will show that this question has been analyzed by many people. Some believe that you need to have a certain entrepreneurial personality, while others believe you just need to have the right set of skills. It is a complex question. Personality and skill have a lot to do with it, but there is certainly more to it.

Based on the experience of the founders of TopMaven, who have over a decade of experience as independent contractors with fortune 500 companies such as Cisco Systems and KPMG Consulting, we would like to offer three suggestions before taking the leap.

Tips for building your experience:

  • Talk to your friends and colleagues. You’ll be surprised to find out how many have worked as contractors in the past.
  • Join us on and connect with our LinkedIn Community to get insights and lessons learned from experienced independent contractors who have taken the leap and succeeded.