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First Steps to independence

2013 Michael Schneider Contracting, Independence

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Independence is a big decision. Not only will it enhance your career it will also impact your family and your personal life (in good ways of course). Accepting this fact is the first step on your path towards independence. If you’ve read our previous articles on What Independence Means?Is Independence Right For Me?, and What Is Your Contractor Type, then you’ll have a clearer understanding of this reality.

Remember to build solid foundation in preparation for present and future success. The foundation comprises the building blocks that are necessary to achieve a lucrative and satisfying business as an Independent Contractor. In our Building Blocks section, we provide you with an introduction into these essential elements, as well as Tips and Tricks from seasoned contractors, and references and resources that will help you build your start up foundation.

These building blocks are:

  • Experience - Before taking the leap, learn where to get insights and lessons from other contractors as well as where to get first-hand experience as a contractor.
  • Business Management - Learn the essential business management tips and tricks for success.
  • Insurance - Learn about the three different types of insurance every independent contractor should know.
  • Connectinos - Learn how to improve your reputation and connections for ensuring stability, minimizing risks, and maximizing your success potential.