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2013 Michael Schneider Contracting , Independence

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What does it mean to be independent? Merriam-Webster uses the term “self-governing”. To be a successful independent contractor, you must master the ability to self-govern. This means being skillfully multifaceted in your ability to identify, attract, maintain, and manage the people and opportunities that come into your world. It is this reputation in the eyes of your clients, vendors, hiring managers, co-workers, colleagues, peers, etc. that will set you apart from the rest.

These people are your connections, the life-blood of your business. Your success depends not only on your reputation but also on your ability to maintain and grow your network of connections. Adding them to an online social network is not enough. It is the human dynamism of personal interaction that keeps your relationships strong. The more effort you put into growing your network the more choices, profitability, and stability your engagements will provide. Here are our best practice tips and tricks for helping you develop and maintain your vital network of connections.

Build and maintain your business relationships.

  • Stay In touch with everyone. You never know who can help or hire you in the future.
  • Don’t eat lunch alone; lunch meetings are a great and convenient way to stay in touch. If you’re free after work you may want to invite people to happy hour or dinner. An interesting book is “Never Eat Alone”
  • Remember you are evaluated on your performance. Make sure to exceed expectations on each deliverable. This will help build your reputation and increase your chances of contract renewal or getting another contract.
  • Let’s face it, networking and advising do not come naturally to everyone. Your TopMavens community can also help you develop your personal skills to maintain a healthy customer base and pipeline.
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